About CellDara

My name is Sabrina.  I am wife to a wonderful man and mother to (if I may say so) three of the worlds most amazing children! And CellDara is my dream!

Currently, CellDara is split up between two separate but equally important halves.

The first is my Handmade shoppe, currently though Etsy. This half of my shop features Jewelry, Herbal Products (ex: tea blends, tinctures), Household Products (ex: dryer balls, unpaper-towels) and Bath & Body Products, all handmade with great care and love!  If you're located in the MonValley area of Pennsylvania, you may see my creations featured at the Annual Fleatique or other vendor/craft shows throughout the area. So make sure to look for me!

The second is my retail affiliate shop through Amazon. This shop features hundreds of hand picked and well loved items for the home, altar and library of any "Modern Eclectic Hippie Witchy" like me!  You'll find an incredible selection of books, DVDs, clothes, statuary, bulk herbs (all organic of course), oils, stones, and so much more!

Of course, this is but the first incarnation of my dream shop!  Long term I dream of a local shop in which I can not only feature a great many retail items along side all of my handmade lines, but where I can also teach many of those within my community how to live a healthier, more natural, lifestyle.

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