Monday, June 8, 2015

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Hello all and welcome to my website!  I have so many goals for this site, and my business in general that I can't wait to get started. Of course I've officially had a "small business" for a few years now, and it's been a rather slow go - somewhat slower than I would like to admit. But I'm sticking with it and plan not to disappoint myself.

My long term goals are many, both for my life and for my shop. And in many ways they are one and the same. I am hoping to raise enough money through an upcoming fundraiser to finish my degree, a degree that will allow me to teach when I finally have the ability to open a local shop. But many of my shop related goals are a bit simpler. Of course, before I can open a shop I need a place to put it, and at the moment that's a little outside of my reach. But it's a perfect fit for the end of my 5 year plan.

I can already picture it. My town is full of houses which have been turned into amazing businesses, and I hope to add mine to the list.  In what was once the kitchen, shelves & cupboards filled with my own handmade herbal teas, tinctures and remedies. Where there was once a dining room, we find a room filled with handmade household & family items, candles, and cleaning products.  In the den, beautiful bright displays filled with handmade jewelry, hair pieces and scarves... And in the living room, space for a small gathering of people to focus on learning how to garden, cook, work with herbs & oils and/or live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.  Finally, upstairs rooms would be devoted to devoted to magickal and metaphysical items & books - both retail and handmade.  Can you picture it? I can and it is amazing!

But before I can do that, I must first focus on what I have.  At the moment, as you can see, CellDara is split up into two stores. Once for handmade & herbal items - all created or supplied by me. And the other is an Amazon based retail shop filled with items I have chosen to feature.

I am currently featuring just a small amount of bath & body and herbal products through my etsy shop due to shipping issues. But I am working on figuring out how to ship these items safely (and legally) without having to charge an outrageous fee. However, these items ARE available through my vendor & craft show tables, as well as through special orders for local delivery.  If you are outside my area and wish to purchase these items, don't fret, I hope to have them available for purchase online shortly.

Other items you can either see today or that you will see being listed shortly include handmade jewelry, household items and my ebooks.  As I publish newer books they will also be available in eBook form whenever possible. Jewelry often features crystals & stones as well as symbols which carry a great deal of energy. It's worth noting that although the bulk of my jewelry is "Pagan" based, I have tried to ensure there is something for everyone, Pagan or not. And of course if you have an idea or would like a custom item done, I am happy to work with you.

My household item selection is currently pretty limited. Decorative Tea balls and some basic wax melts are currently all I have. However, that is about to be changing and I hope to start offering a wider selection shortly.

I hope everyone finds what they need here, and I am always open to custom orders, suggestions and advice. I will admit that I do not have all the knowledge in the world and I am happy to learn from others.  Feel free to contact me any time!

My goals with this shop are not purely to bring in a profit.  Instead I hope to use my shop, current and future, to help make the lives of my customers better. I hope to create a place for education, enlightenment and health on all levels. And I hope that we can all grow together! You are all my blessings, and I hope I can return the favor!

Thanks for stopping by!
Sabrina M Bowen
CellDara Owner

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