Monday, September 28, 2015

SHOP NOTICE - 9/28/15

On August 12th my family and I experienced a small tragedy with the lost of our home and belongings to a fire.  Although people in our area have been extremely generous, it is taking us some time to get our lives back to a new-normal. People have been kind enough to donate clothing and furniture of all kinds, but it is taking some time to get our home together, create new routines, and start to get back to a point where we all feel normal again.

Due to a combination of smoke and water damage many of the items previously featured for sale in my shop have been destroyed. However, I hope to reopen with new items in time for Samhain/Halloween. Digital items remain available for purchase.

All of you, my loyal customers, will be the first to be notified when my shop is reopened with items ready for purchase!

Thanks to everyone for their understanding and support throughout this hard time!

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