Monday, October 19, 2015

Grand "After-Fire" REOPENING!!

For those of you who remain unaware, my family and I experienced a house fire on August 12, 2015. Because of this, I was forced to temporarily close my shop.  It's now time to reopen!  And I could NOT be happier!  Although none of the items from my shop sustained any fire damage, they were being kept in an area where smoke was an issue. For this reason ALL cloth, personal care and herbal items have been discarded and all remaining jewelry items have been fully cleaned.

I have made the decision to discount their prices a full 25% to reflect the fact that they were present within the smokey environment!  ALL new prices will be posted as of November 2nd.

HOWEVER, in honor of my GRAND REOPENING!  I am offering an ADDITIONAL 25% off all returning Jewelry Items, AND a full 50% off all Digital Items with use of my AFTER FIRE REOPENING COUPON CODE (found below) from today through November 1st!

Place your order - with 50% off code: AFTERFIRE50 - today! And look for new items (at full price) starting in early November!

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